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Happy Clients

Hear from people I've worked with

“For over 30 years I felt terrible when I had to speak English.
Thanks to your English coaching, your spirit and your great tips, I now feel confident when I speak English - and I even enjoy it!“. 

Britta Sander, Managing Partner, Sprechperlen

 “I worked with Leticia to translate my German presentation into English and practice it – it was time well spent. My speech was a great success. I coach professionals in conscious language, so for me every single word has an impact – in German. With Leticia, I’ve discovered this universe in English too!“. 

Stefanie Windhausen, Managing Partner, Sprechperlen 

“I find working with you in equal measure constructive, professional and creative. With your understanding of marketing and PR, I can be sure that our messages will be understood exactly as we intend them to be in English, and therefore internationally. Thank you for your work for us so far!”

Frank Miltner, Owner, Albertzwei

“We’ve been working with GoWordwide for almost two years now for professional translations into English or proofreading of our own English texts. Whether it’s advertising texts for flyers or our website, complex contractual texts or legal information on our homepage, in our software products or detailed IT documentation, Leticia always responds quickly and delivers excellent results within a very short timeframe.”

Dr. Peter Gerathewohl, Managing Director, TESIS SYSware Software Entwicklung GmbH

“Change coaching with Leticia inspired me to transform my life. I took a huge step and moved with my whole family to another country to realise my dreams and improve our quality of life. After the move, I finally found a job that fulfils me. Leticia is a fascinating and highly motivated coach. She did a fantastic job of guiding me towards the right choices in our coaching sessions, especially in moments of self-doubt. With Leticia’s great support, I gained a whole new perspective on things and completely changed my life. Thank you so much Leticia!“

Wanda Glowacka, E-Commerce Manager

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