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Your communication coach



No matter which industry you’re in, the ability to communicate well in English is a must-have skill in today’s business world. Average is not enough anymore. Being able to tell your story, inspire, persuade and influence with clear, empathetic and effective communication will give you a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace and measurably boost your career success.

You’re a business leader, an executive or an entrepreneur, and you want:

  • to communicate more competently and consciously in day-to-day business

  • to be sure you’re using the correct terms, expressions and idioms

  • to avoid embarrassing blunders or cultural faux pas

  • to develop your own authentic communication style in English 

  • to share your ideas with a wider international audience

  • to make your personal brand and leadership skills shine 

    My Leadership Language Coaching is designed with you in mind.

With my unique skill set: native English, fluent German, in-depth knowledge of the German culture and executive business environment, empathy, curiosity and creativity, I help you find the right words and learn the correct pronunciation to express yourself powerfully.

Become a supercommunicator
 in English

A marketable leadership skill that’s both 

cross-functional and future-proof.

Typical Steps 


Comprehensive needs analysis & goal setting
We look at your individual topic or need in detail and define your goals. 
We then determine the regularity, length and structure of our sessions. 


Information gathering
Together, we consciously select the vocabulary and specialist terms you need.
Then we define how to most effectively convey your messages on your chosen topics.


Practice and pronunciation 
I help you craft your messages and tailor them for different channels as needed.
I help you pronounce the words correctly and practice them until they feel natural to you.


Vocabulary and practical tips 
I work with you to develop your own glossary of terms and recommend learning sources. 
You create your own professional presentation, conversational or writing style. 


Presence and power
You build and refine your personal brand as a confident English speaker, presenter and communicator.
You communicate your ideas, knowledge and thoughts powerfully.

How it works

We’ll schedule times to meet as often as you need (subject to availability, of course). 

We meet regularly for as long you need me (also possible by phone or video call). 

Sessions ideally last one or two hours. 

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, you choose the pace.

We work on whatever you want to communicate in English, in whichever setting.

For teams, I also offer bespoke packages in-house. 

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