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working with me

You are a company, or an agency, and you want…

  • to stand out with creative and authentic
    English marketing


  • top-quality native English copywriting
    to connect with your global audience


  • on-call communications expertise from
    oncept to planning to execution


  • a go-to English expert you can trust to provide
    fast and flexible support


  •  English communications training 
    tailored to your needs



You are a business professional, or a leader, and you want…

  • to be confident speaking English
    in a global business environment


  • to rock your next 
    English interview, presentation or negotiation

  • to write professional English and 
    speak like a native

  • to raise your executive profile with personalised English communications coaching

  • to become a thought leader in
    your area of expertise


How will working with me make your life better?

Let's Go


Creative Communicator & Change Coach
And this is GoWordwide

Words are my passion.
Words that translate meaning.
Words that convey emotion.
Words that inspire change.


WORDS are the essence of life –

as fundamental as water.

What do you need to say?

The WORDS we choose matter

What  I do 




- Native English communications 
- Strategy, planning & execution 
- Copywriting, copyediting & proofreading
Business writing to inspire and engage 
- Marketing translations & localisation 
- Change communications & coaching 
- Content for websites or other materials 


     Who do you need to connect with?





- Personalised English communications coaching 
- Leadership Language Coaching 
- Communicate well on the topics that matter 
- Gain confidence, visibility and presence
- Expand your vocabulary
- Learn how to sound like a native 
- Ongoing or intensive – you choose

How do you want to express yourself?


What I do


How can I help you?

Don’t let uninspiring, inauthentic or empty words sabotage your success.


As a company, or an agency, you value authentic, meaningful and tailored communications. 
I help you and your business communicate powerfully in English to achieve global success.


As a business professional, you want your English skills to represent your true capabilities. 
I empower you to become the confident and competent English speaker you aspire to be.

At GoWORDWIDE,  it‘s all about the words…
And where they take us on life‘s journey.

 Where will you go next?

Über mich

My story




My life has been shaped by living in the creative space where cultures merge.
That space has become a bridge connecting people, languages and mindsets.

I grew up in an American-British family, moved from Puerto Rico to England as a child, later studied modern languages in Cambridge and moved to Germany about 25 years ago. Along the way, I have mastered languages, cultivated interpersonal and cultural awareness and deepened my understanding of human connection. I cherish living as a truly global soul in a wonderfully multilingual household in Bavaria  (Munich/Ammersee) with my Italian husband and our family.

I consult and write for businesses and I coach leaders and professionals in English and communications. I’m passionate about using my love of words, my business experience and my drive for success to create meaningful communications and to coach people to communicate consciously, embrace change and live the lives they’re meant to lead. 

I am here to empower you to get your message across, make real connections and drive change - helping you to use the power of words to achieve your goals. 


What brought me here


Contact Me

leticia (at)  |  Tel:+ 49 (0) 8192 99 85 607 

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